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The Chassidic Art Institute (also known as the CHAI Art Galley) was established in 1977 after the massive response to the six-week exhibit, Chassidic Artists in Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Museum. In the 43 years of our existence we have represented and helped develop the careers of hundreds of talented Jewish artists around the world, and are the primary organization exhibiting and promoting these artists, whose works provide an enduring link to the history and experience of the Jewish people.

Some things the Chassidic Art Institute has accomplished:

  • We have had many short-term traveling group exhibitions around the world; most recently we had a major art show at the Boca Raton Museum of Art for three months in 2014-2015.

  • We have published four art books on the art of Zalman Kleinman, Chenoch Leiberman, Samuel Rothbort and Michael Gleizer.

  • Some of the artists whom the Chassidic Art Institute represent sell at institutions such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. We are proud of this achievement because it is our belief that the life of the Jewish people, both lived and portrayed, has a significant cultural impact in the world in which we are part.


You can visit our art gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at 375 Kingston Ave. Click here to view our past shows and exhibits, or learn more about our artists and staff.

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