The CHAI Art Institute was established in 1977, as a result of the massive response to a six-week exhibit, “Chassidic Artists in Brooklyn”, mounted at the Brooklyn Museum. Close to ten thousand viewers attended that first exhibit, and now, over forty years later, the CHAI Gallery has left its mark on the global artistic community. Some of our accomplishments include:


  • A listing with the New York City Museum Guide

  • Publishing of four art books of our most important artists

  • Being representative of hundred’s of talented artists around the world


In the 42 years of our existence we have developed many fine and unique Jewish artists and continue to help them and develop their careers, so their work can impact and touch the lives of Jewish people. We are the primary organization exhibiting, promoting and helping these artists whose paintings provide an enduring link with the history and experience of the Jewish people from the past to the present and ultimately to the future generations.The artistic creations serve as a reminder to the Jews around the world of both the joys and travails that have been uniquely ours and affect the eternal hope and optimism that has been with us since the inception of our people.


It is important to note that some of the artists whom CHAI Gallery represents are selling at institutions such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. The Gallery is proud of this achievement because it is our belief that a Jewish life, both lived and portrayed, has significant cultural impact, besides the shows in our gallery, in the world in which we are part.


CHAI Art Institute had many short-term traveling group exhibitions around the world. Most recently we had a major art show at the Boca Raton Museum for three months in 2014.

Artist’s Role


One of the most important roles an artist faces in exhibiting his paintings is to build a bridge between his artistic creations and the spectator. The great artist is one who makes us think, feel and see the world as he does. In other words, we enter into his world, feel his pain, his sorrow and his love. How well he does this, that is how great the artist is. Thus visual art is akin to the written word. Where as a poet takes us into his world through words, an artist takes us into his world through visual images. In each case they take us deeper into life, and explain to us a part of ourselves that is universal to the human condition that we did not understand before.


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