b. 1900 - d. 1976


View some of Chenoch Leiberman's paintings and drawings, on exhibit at the Chassidic Art Institute in Brooklyn.


Additionally, the Chassidic Art Institute has released a book of Leiberman's work available for purchase through our office. (Contact us here).

Chenoch Leiberman

About the Artist



Chenoch Lieberman's career as an artist began in the Soviet art world of the 1920's and 30's. It was the outset of his creative quest and provides insight into both the political and artistic history of the period. Lieberman's experiences during those yearsleft an indelible imprint on his later work.


The vigorous creative activity that abounded in the 1920's was one of the results of the revolutionary upheaval occuring in Russia at the time. The first post-revolutionary decade is rightfully regarded as the golden age of the arts in Soviet Russia because of the presence of a large number of great artistic perosnalities, and the abundance and diversity of artistic forms and the experience of artscools and artistic trends which began in cities such as Moscoq, Leningrad, and Kharkov. The outstanding painters of that time - Alexander Labas, Meir Akselrod, Mendel Gorshman, and Chenoch Lieberman - created drawings and watercolors which drew much attention in Russia and throughout the world.


Easel painting forged ahead a an independent sphere of art as a rsult of the work of these artists. It was in this sphere that the creative power of Cjhenoch Lieberman emerged in all its fullness; the distinctive deatures of his easel drawings of that time are the richness and diversity of genre and subjkect matter best demonstrated in his Birobidjan and urban scenes.

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