b. 1946


View some of Michael Gleizer's paintings, on exhibit at the Chassidic Art Institute in Brooklyn.


Additionally, the Chassidic Art Institue has put out a book of Gleizer's work, available for purchase through our offices (contact us here).

Michael Gleizer

About the Artist



Amid the multitude of late 20th century painters who portray Jewish themes, Michael Gleizer is a stand-out.

It is to the works of his American period that his volume of paontings is primarily devoted. For in these works, Gleizer has funally transcended the lurking sadness and mornful palette of his Russian Jewish patrimony. Here in New York he has invented a whole new world, peopled by an entirely different set of Jewish characters. Perhaps it is Michael Gleizer's idealized world, one of his own creation, peopled with the characters that he says "live inside his mind."


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