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Meet our Staff

Chairman: Paul S. Miller


Paul S Miller is a member of the Board of Directors of the Boca Museum of Art; Retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Pfizer Inc; Former member of the Board of Directors of AIPAC and Chairmen of AIPAC Executive Committee; Former member of the Board and President of the American Jewish Congress; Former Trustee of the Jewish Theological Seminary.


Vice President: Barry S. Savits, M.D.


Dr. Savits is the the co-founder and Vice President of The Chassidic Art Institute. A Vietnam veteran and ex-naval Commander, he has practiced as a a Brooklyn-based general surgeon for over 40 years. He was the past Chairman of Surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and the Catholic Medical Center in Queens.


He served for a year with Project Hope in Cuenca Ecuador, successfully training physicians and rehabilitating their troubled Medical School. Dr. Savits has also participated in medical missions to Afghanistan and Kenya, and was involved in early groundbreaking cholesterol research in Guatemala.

Executive Director: Zev Markowitz


While purchasing art in the early 70’s for his family’s collection, Zev Markowitz had the opportunity to meet people in the higher echelons of the art world in Russia. He knew many Russian Jewish artists, and in 1977 when he came to America he visited some of these artists who preceded him in immigrating to the USA. Although they had not been given a formal Jewish education in Russia, Zev was deeply moved by their artwork. Their art spoke of their plight as Soviet Jews, and of their newfound religious freedom in America.


In 1978 Zev gladly accepted the offer to become Director of the first Chassidic Art Gallery. In his words, "When I was in Russia I always hoped to have the opportunity to share the way of life I was shown in my parents’ house, but which I had to keep hidden from the outside world. I now feel that through CHAI I am fulfilling my dream of doing something for the Jewish people."


Now, after 42 years, Zev is always willing to discuss the artwork and the significance of individual pieces at the CHAI Art Gallery. He has established a close relationship with with many artists and is always searching for fresh new talent.

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