b. 1882 - d. 1971


View some paintings and watercolors by Samuel Rothbort, on exhibit at the Chassidic Art Institute in Brooklyn.


Additionally, the Chassidic Art Institute has released a book of Rothbort's paintings, scupltures, and watercolor available for purchase through our offices (contact us here).



















Letters from the Jewish Museum and Museum of American Folk art regarding Samuel Rothbort's work can be viewed below (click to expand).

Samuel Rothbort

About the Artist


In the early years of this century, succeeding waves of immigration brought many talented individuals to American shores. One of these was Samuel Rothbort, a gifted artist who would subsequently reveal himself to be a painter, sculptor, and poet. His creative output was enormous. During his lifetime he had numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in the United States and abroad.


The beginning of the 20th century was a period of great creative innovation. It led to sweeping changes in the interprertation and understanding of creative objectives and techniques. These changes influenced the artistic output of Samuel Rothbort; he distilled from them those elements which harmonized with his temperament and which found resonance in his talent. He was fascinated by nature and his works are filled with his delightful perceptions of his surroundings, which he portrayed eagerly and spontaneously. Rothbort achieved equal success in a diversity of genres: portrait painting, still life, and landscape. In all he revealed gis ability to achieve harmony of color and space. Excellent examples of this are his sketches of the Botanic Gardens, the landscapes of Manhattan and the Sheepshead Bay Marinas.


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